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sacre basilica monument

The Dark Side of Sacre Coeur

A bit about this religious and (not widely known) political monument. The Sacred Heart of Paris is on top of a hill in Montmartre, a trendy, village-like part of the 18th district in the north of the city. One of the “rough around the edges” artists’ districts with the neon glow of Pigalle and the frills and kicks of the Moulin Rouge. The Christians proclaimed it “mount of Martyrs” in honour of St Denis in…

Walking Headless

No this is not a story of mutated zombies! It is however  a very strange and macabre story about Montmartre and how it got its name. Montmartre directly translated means “hill of martyrs” and is named after the first archbishop of France. His name was Saint Denis and he was sent by Pope Fabian along with six other missionaries to convert the Gauls, during this time in the third century the Romans still occupied Paris….